NDSU Blue Key

Blue Key Nationals:

Blue Key Nationals this weekend!  Excited to see you all!


In 1929, Blue Key Honor Society sponsored the Bison Brevities talent and variety show; this proved to be a huge success throughout the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Starting in 1951, Blue Key began sponsoring an annual spring musical production involving NDSU students, which continued until 1972. Beginning in 1977, Bison Brevities was reinstated into a production of short “skits” or “brevities” performed by the students of NDSU. “Yo Quiero Brevs”, “Saved by the Brevs” and “The Breverly Hillbillies” have all been past themes of this annual event. In 2002 the Brevities was changed back to the talent and variety show that was originally created on the NDSU campus.